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Bhumiputra extend Fungal hyphae in to the plant root system helping it to absorb the soil nutrients and Micronutrients. It Increase N.P.K. uptake, mobilizes Phosphate in the soil.Enhances tolerance to soil stress like heavy metal toxicity, high salt levels, drought, high temperatures etc.

Recommended Crops 

Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Maize, Barley, Jawar, Vegetables, Fruits, also in All medicinal & Aromatic plants.

Bhumiputra Liquid Biofertilizer, VAM Organic Fertilizer

₹450.00 Regular Price
₹360.00Sale Price
  • Available in Liquid and Powder form with 2 x 108 CFU per ml or gm. Compatible with Bio-pesticide, Bio-fertilizer and chemical soil inputs.

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