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Centyle Liquid Wash is Gentle on cloth diapers, dark colours, delicate fabrics and on the hands. Safe to use on baby clothes. For tough stains, pour some liquid on the stain, rub it and load the clothes in the machine. Does not contain any animal by-product and has never been tested on animals. It includes pH Neutral Formula to retain their softness and it untangles damaged cloth fibres to make your clothes smooth and great to wear.

Centyle Liquid Wash - Lemon Flavor

SKU: CBP0004
₹280.00 Regular Price
₹252.00Sale Price
  • Centyle Liquid Wash detergent removes the damaged cloth fibres and gives them an unbelievable shine, softness and a amazing fragrance.

    It helps in retaining the natural color of your clothes and prevents shrinkage, making them soft and comfortable to wear.

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