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Meta-power is a talc based biopesticide containing an aggressive strain of the entomopathogenic fungi Metarhizium anisopliae (1x109 CFU/ml) with a standard
osmoticant, adhesive and protein source. It is used against various types of insect pests like, red ants, termites, mosquito larvae, plant hopper, coconut leaf
beetel, onion thrips, diamond blackmoth, cattle tick of crops like Potato, mango, Coconut, Coffee, Cotton, Cabbage and Onion.

Meta Power "Bio-Pesticide" Liquid Biocontrol

₹450.00 Regular Price
₹360.00Sale Price
  • Compatible with any type of Bio-pesticide Biofertilizer and chemical soil nutrients.

    Caution: Should not to be exposed to direct sunlight. Use within 12 months from the date of Manufacture

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