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Taruwardhak liquid fertilizer is known as Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB). It secretes certain organic Acids such as Lactic, Gluconic, fumaric, Succinic,
and acetic acid which convert insoluble tricalcium phosphates and Rock Phosphates in soluble form. Released organic phosphorous leads to plant growth and promotion.


For all vegetable, Paddy, wheat, Fruit, Pulses, Medicinal ornamental and aromatic plant and tuber crops.

Taruwardhak Liquid Biofertilizer / Plant Growth Promoter / Organic Fertilizer

₹450.00 Regular Price
₹360.00Sale Price
  • Available in Liquid and Powder form with 2 x 108 CFU per ml or gm. Compatible with Bio-pesticide, Bio-fertilizer and chemical soil inputs.

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