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Vermi-Plus is a vermicompost which have high nutrient content for plant growth and promotion. It is free flowing, easy to apply and has no bad odour. It contains highly valuable vitamins, enzymes and hormones like Auxin, gibberellins etc. It enhances the organic manure decomposition in soil and reshape the natural environment for planted tree vegetables and crops. In addition, it also improve soil texture, structure, aeration, water holding capacity and prevent soil erosion.


Recommended for wheat, rice, sugarcane, all horticulture plants, nursery, crops, oil seed, fruits, vegetables, & other Commercial Farming.

    Vermi-Plus "Vermicompost" Organic Manure

    SKU: 0013
    • Additional Information

      • Item Code: Verm-Plus_PWD
      • Production Capacity: 100 MT quarterly
      • Packaging Details: Packaged in white non transparent plastic bags and available in 20kg and 50 kg size.
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