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Green Coffee Beans : Excellent Taste with huge Health Benefits

Updated: May 6, 2020

Do you know world most expensive coffee is made by the poop of a cat like animal called civet, well it  sound grooss but, yes, it is very popular in elite class. A cup of this coffee charges as much as 80 US dollar. These expensive coffee makers uses the animal called civet to eat and partially digest the coffee beans and then  their feces are collected  which goes for further manufacturing process.

According to manufacturing process there are two types of coffee beans 1 . Roasted coffee beans 2. Green coffee beans

When coffee beans are roasted, its chlorogenic acid reduces while green coffee beans are basically unroasted beans, so they are rich in this #chlorogenic acid which is beneficial for weight loss.some claims that it can rapidly causes weight loss without any aid of exercise and medication But, in terms of caffeine content it nevertheless the same.

Types of coffee beans and their advantage over one another. we get hard time in choosing different types of coffee like  latte ,cappuccino, American ,expresso, red eye, black coffee. Arabica is used for black coffee, all the expresso's are the robusta beans. Robusta is cheaper and stronger with higher caffeine content and can get into instant coffee mixers. Coffee enthusiasts may differ over these  beans by their taste and caffeine content. Larger caffeine content can give instant brain boost and reduce sleepiness but have larger side effects over arabica coffee beans.

Where to buy premium quality coffee beans? Coorg in India is termed as coffee capital of India. Here we can see the plantation of arabica and robusta varieties. So, if anyone wanting to enjoy the taste of taste of real coffee, Coorg must be on your list. Some of the best outlets to get premium quality coffee products are: Centyle Mart , Amazon etc.

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