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Future of Organic Farming in India & Its Global Market Demand

Farmers believed that organic farming does not have substantial production rate. Biofertilizers based organic farming practice are expensive and awareness about it is low. Apart from that, we believe organic farming are very tricky and time consuming. It hard to accept but only organic and commercial farming practices can transform the Agri sector in India.

Being a second largest food producer country, India holds a immense capacity to fulfill organic products demand globally.

According to #OrganicPrints "Global organic food & beverages market is believed to reach USD 211.44 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 15.7% from 2014 to 2020. Growing demands of organic food & beverages owing to associated health benefits and eco-friendly characteristics is expected to drive demand over the next six years"

Its not so difficult to understand the global demands of such products which can give Indian farmers a wing to fly through their hard work and passion. They would not not only feed hunger and needy but can deliver health and contribute to the national economy ultimately their income.

Demand of Organic Product as Raw Material

At Global level, there are various sector which is completely dependent on agriculture and now they are switching towards organic products because of their demand and premium returns such as

1. FMCG products like biscuits , Chocolates, Chips, Snacks ets

2. Convenience goods like Milk, Spices ets

3. Health Care products like Aloevera Juice, Giloy Juice, Natural Hand Sanitizer etc

4. Home Care Products like Mosquito Repellent, Air Purifier, Floor Cleaner

5. Pharmaceutical Products like Syrup Liquor, Tablets, Perfumes etc

Apart from commercial products, Organic Grown products retain high natural vitamin, Secondary metabolite and protein rich content which have high nutritional value and people are ready to pay for it. We are always dependent upon agriculture for our basic need and in return they also deserve handsome wealth to double their income and sustain their life like other sector professionals.

Our Small Contribution can take Organic Farming to the Next Level

We at #CentyleBiotech offers customized global Bio-technologies while sustaining its leadership in Agro-care and help the farmer evolve to greater levels of efficiency in farming and self-Empowerment, thereby increasing his productivity and enhancing his prosperity without any dangerous chemical fertilizer. We through #CentyleMart offer a wide range of Organic fertilizer which can increase productivity upto 20% every year without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizer. Our top Organic fertilizers are Taruwardhak, Annadata, Agro-Fast, Vermi-Plus, Rajkalyan, Urja, Tarumitra, Tarutatwa, Rakshak, Trico-Power, Meta-Power, Bhumiputra etc.

If you have query or willing to join our hand towards Organic or Natural Way of Farming then please feel free to reach us at or visit

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