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How to Get Rid of Desert Locust attack ( Grass Hopper- Tidda)

India has observed huge locust attacks from indo-Pakistan border and that is moving forward towards the northern part of India so fast. Such locust attack can destroy the rice, maize, and vegetable farming which is going to start by the first week of July. These locust belong from high heat and desert areas so that the north India atmosphere will be favorable for them and green leaves can provide excellent conditions for their breeding.

Source: India Tv

Swarming behavior decreased in the 20th century, but despite modern surveillance and control methods, the potential for swarms to form is still present, and when suitable climatic conditions occur and vigilance lapses, plagues can still occur. Locusts are large insects and convenient for use in research and the study of zoology in the laboratory level.

History says Locusts have reason to formed plagues. The ancient Egyptians carved them on their tombs and the insects are mentioned in the Iliad, even in the Bible, and the Quran. Swarms have devastated crops and been a contributory cause of famines and human migrations. More recently, changes in agricultural practices and killing of predator birds like sparrow and crow causing their uncontrolled growth and vast impact have seen this year.

It always advised better surveillance of locations where swarms tend to originate, have meant that control measures can be used at an early stage. Data says this locust attack was originated from the Indo-Pakistan border and intentionally growing towards the north part of India. Wherever there are moist, sandy locations, there are locusts banding or breeding. The northern part of India determined to be prime breeding spots can then be sprayed with pesticides to stop the locust population from growing out of control. The traditional means of control are based on the use of insecticides from the ground or the air, but other methods using biological control are proving effective such as Bio-Pesticide, Farmed hen, duck, peacock, and Herbal insect repellent.

Safety Measures

- Wear Helmet while driving tractor, bike and scooter or cycle.

- Use insect repellent like Centyle Run Away, or Centyle Bio-Pesticide - META Power

- Do not kill birds

- Do not burn agricultural lands containing stubbles as they are having natural predators like frog, snakes and other reptiles who can eat the locust

- PAN along with RUNAWAY and META POWER can easily control the locust swarming.

If you have a query or willing to join hand towards controlling the locust attack, Please feel free to reach out us at info.centylebiotech@gmail.comor visit

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