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What is Organic Assam Tea ? All you need to know

Updated: May 10, 2020

Tea is most consumed beverage in the world after water. It originated in 3rd century AD in china and spread to the world. It contains long history in human civilization and occupies important events like opium war and American Revolution. In early days, China has monopoly over it. It was believed that they only have the proper atmosphere and species of the tea plants until it introduced in north eastern part of India by Britishers. Robert Bruce in 1823 discovered a #tea species in north east India and Robert fortune brings the manufacturing and preserving method from china which is a spy thriller story in itself. Now it occupies a special place in day to day life.

Tea has unique alkaloids called theanine which reduces the stress level. When theanine combines with caffeine it helps to boost brain and gives a sense of relaxation. .”

Among many of these Assam tea is the most famous one. As the name suggest, it has been planted in Assam.

What makes Assam Tea Unique ?

Assam is one of the earliest places where britishers begun plantation of tea. Camellia sinensis is the species largely gets planted. It is the black tea and fondly called as breakfast tea because it gives instants refreshment, energy boost and reduces sleepiness.”

Black teas are heavily oxidized causes the leaves to be darker to give beautiful color and intense flavor. Brahmputra Valley where climate remains humid due to monsoon is a favorable condition for these plants. Wet climate, altitude and large span of monsoon makes Assam the world best tea growing place in the world.

Famous tea varieties of Assam

Verities of famous Assam tea brands can be found like Centyle Premium, gingia premium, Hand rolled Assam, Assam Breakfast, Assam Manjusree, Assam Leaf Tea and Classic Assam tea etc.

Some of them are based on geography of Assam like

1. Nanoi Tea Estate

2. Monabarie Tea Estate

3. Halmari Tea Estate

7. Harmutty Tea Estate

8. Khongea Tea Estate

To Get the authentic Assam tea we can only rely on trustworthy sources various online portal and stores, outlets sales mediocre tea in the name of Assam tea, maligning this beautiful heritage.

Where you can buy organic / green or black tea from Assam ? Are you Looking for most trusted Online store then you are at right platform

CentyleMart – the online portal of company Centyle biotech deals in the best Assam tea of all. Big e-commerce websites only lists the products named as Assam tea which can be confusing and hard to choose. Apart from that we can get fooled by the other products selling as Assam tea. To avoid this, #CentyleMart has direct professional relation with the tea farmers of Assam. They also classify their items with their taste, benefits and particularly the authenticity grant by avoiding the middle men. So, if you want to spend your money on the taste of Assam , you can rely on this portal.

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